authorsPATRICIA LYNN HENLEY earned a master’s degree in journalism from Stanford University, followed by 10 years as a reporter and news editor at the twice weekly Sonoma Index-Tribune; five years as a freelance writer; and four and a half years as a senior staff writer at the consumer website Her portfolio is online at

ELDA DEL BINO WILLITTS believed that our everyday reality is full of beauty. She strove to live a life of loving-kindness and said that the more she gave, the more she got. At age ninety-five, with her body slowly failing her, she embraced life but had no fear of death. Elda passed away peacefully in her home in Sonoma, California, on Jan. 11, 2005; she was a 45-year cancer survivor who died of old age.

The Sugar’s at the Bottom of the Cup
published by Zucchero Press
© 2004 By Elda Willitts and Patricia Henley
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