ctr-pg5a-SF-1920MEET ELDA DEL BINO WILLITTS, whose fascinating life and the lessons she has learned unfold in The Sugar’s at the Bottom of the Cup. Starting in rural Italy and with her family’s 1916 move to a San Francisco still filled with gas streetlights and horse-drawn wagons, Elda’s tale covers most of the twentieth century and the start of the twenty-first. Told as a young girl that “All the sugar’s at the bottom of the cup,” Elda used that phrase to sustain herself during childhood poverty, family heartaches, the Great Depression, World War II, her own battle with cancer and more—and to do it with a loving, upbeat attitude…

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The Sugar’s at the Bottom of the Cup
published by Zucchero Press
© 2004 By Elda Willitts and Patricia Henley
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